Logitech Ultra X (967498-0120) (9674980120) Compare prices and specifications of Logitech Ultra X (967498-0120) (9674980120) online and save | April 20, 2014
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Logitech Ultra X (967498-0120) (9674980120)

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Summary for Logitech Ultra X (967498-0120) (9674980120)

The Logitech UltraX Media Desktop is a key component of full-function media PCs. It combines a stylish and elegant design, with some of the most advanced, usable technology available. Media-savvy users will enjoy its one-touch rip and burn functions, allowing them to manage their PC media and entertainment applications with ease. Its cordless connection for both mouse and keyboard reduce desktop clutter, and the sleek Midnight Black color with silver accents complement today's best media PCs.

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Logitech Ultra X (967498-0120) (9674980120) Specifications

BrandLogitechThe company that makes this Ultra X (967498-0120) (9674980120) Keyboard
ModelUltra X (967498-0120) (9674980120)The name of the model and the unique product label of the Keyboard
TypeWirelessThe type of Keyboard that the Ultra X (967498-0120) (9674980120) is classified as

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